NetStat Agent

NetStat Agent 2.0

Control your connection


  • Features a full set of tools
  • Ideal for network administrators
  • Lists conveniently all incoming and outgoing TCP/UDP connections


  • A little complicated for just establishing incoming and outgoing connections
  • Some connection entries don't have accurate labels

Very good

Establishing the amount of connections made to your computer is one way to find out whether your PC is being hacked into or use as a bot.

Whenever you open a website or establish any kind of connection with an outside entity, you open up what's known as a TCP/UDP connection. But getting a list of all the TCP/UDP connections on your computer is not always easy, especially when some of them may have been connected remotely without your knowledge.

NetStat Agent offers a comprehensive way to monitor all incoming and outgoing connections to and from your PC. NetStat Agent offers a range of tools including NetStat, Ping, Traceroute, IPconfig, ARP and Whois in a user-friendly graphical interface.

It's an excellent tool for anyone that's involved in network administration or those that may suspect their browser has been hijacked. While many of the connections will appear a little mysterious, you can easily see which ones relate to internet, networks and those that are erroneous or unrecognized and could be suspicious.

NetStat agent features a whole host of tools to do a pretty simply job - find out who is connected to your PC. For network administrators, it's a very useful resource.

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